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The wearing of dentures can lead to many undesirable changes, not only to your choice of foods that you may eat but also to your facial appearance over a period of time. By the support of implants which are bone integrated these objectives can be reached. R Alan Smith can provide you with a realistic solution.

Initial assessment, digital x-rays, medical history, drug intake history, allergy response, blood disorders, bone disease, diabetes, blood pressure and other investigations will be conducted when necessary.


You will be consulted as to our recommendations for your treatment and informed of the likely cost before any treatment commences and have given your approval to our treatment plans.


Usually 50% on acceptance of the treatment plan with remainder on completion.


Implant placement is a surgical procedure and as such it is necessary to fully examine the patient before suitability can be given. Your drug and medical history are recorded in this assessment and we may make other medical investigations with your permission to whom and when required .


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